A World Without Faith

In 2012 speaking at an Anglican Church leadership conference the then Prime Minister of England,Mr Tony Blair, while acknowledging that ‘God and religion can be abused by politicians’ declared that a world without faith would be a disaster. Tony then cited the humility inspired by faith that can hold us back from barbaric political plans.

When dictators are allowed to make their people think of them as Gods, then religion is dangerous. Religion is also dangerous when individual politicians start twisting it for their own gain as the Germans did in WWII and as the Kings leading the awful Crusades also did.

Equally dangerous is the misuse of science by scientists that try to assert that it is proven that there is no God.
Since the proof is certainly not there and at the least highly disputed this is a dangerous way to play at science. Yes I do mean play at science.True science should consider all the facts at hand but suddenly there is a refusal to discuss the proof for God on the basis that it has already been dismissed. However, why run so hard away from this discussion if you really believe you have solid proof. Or, could it just be that these so confidently asserting scientists really just want to push there world view because it makes them more comfortable with their current lives. Not everyone wants to humble themselves before a living God.