Coombe Family Update

“When we (Coombe’s) were last in the Solomon Islands we were very encouraged to hear the testimonies of those who have been studying the Gela Scriptures and applying it to their lives. Taylor’s village brother, Piku, shared how he remembered what James 3 says about the power of the tongue, when he was given an opportunity to speak in a village court (hearing a case about people cursing others). He said, ‘In the Bible we read that the tongue is only small but if you don’t control it, it will control your life—like the small wheel that steers a big ship.’


He also shared with us that when he read Matt. 9:37-38 ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few’ it made him cry. ‘I cry because the work is so big and there are so few of us to do it. These words of Jesus break my heart.’ Piku really feels the weight of the responsibility to see the whole Bible translated into Gela.”

Five of our best translators met with us in Honiara for a month to begin reading through the Gela New Testament. It was amazing to hear how often they stated, ‘Oh, we must have translated that wrong! Jesus couldn’t have said … ‘ only to be reassured that this was exactly what Jesus had said, and that his teaching was hard and revolutionary.


Piku and Gela translators working to finalise the read through of the Gela NT