Edwards Family Update

Fiji Community Churches of Christ, Bruce Edwards. (April 2017 update)

Praise God:

That finally, after a couple of years of back and forth with local council, building work is underway at Vuci Rd!

That the donation of a half-acre of land at Lomowai for the Sigatoka Church is almost finalised, and we can begin planning towards developing a permanent meeting place for the church there.

Pray For:

Our pastors, as they learn and grow and lead their congregations. Pray for Pastors Muneshwar and Stella at Sigatoka Church. Pray for the Nakasi Church as they continue to find an appropriate person to take over the ministry of Vipin and Irene.

Pray especially for Pastor David Reddy at Lautoka, who is facing health concerns with high blood pressure, stress and high blood sugar levels.

Bruce & his wife Lisa with 5 children, relocated from Tasmania to Nakasi, an outer suburb of the SUVA capital on the main Fiji Island. Bruce is building upon the foundations laid by several GMP mission workers from 1991.


Bruce is the Director of the Fiji Community Churches of Christ

Bruce acts as the team leader of four pastors, and works with the present five churches in Fiji.

This team of 5 pastors lead and grow the ministries and life of the Fiji Churches with a focus on leadership development, development projects, additional church planting, and outreach.

In addition to the time spent developing capacity for biblical studies that can be passed on to the congregations, we are also spending time investing in leadership development, fellowship and vision shaping. Building this intentional and structured training into our church network is an integral part of planning for the future.

With an overarching goal of a network of locally self-sustaining churches, two primary areas of intentional investment have been identified:

  1. Local financing, with stewardship and discipling, so that the churches are not dependent upon overseas support;
  2. Pastoral Leadership: building a capacity to lead into the various church pastors, together with their local support teams.

Bruce is again seeking a deputy pastor for the main NAKASI church just NE of the capital Suva, after two other interim pastors have had to leave. This is so that Bruce can be adequately freed to travel, teach, and encourage the pastors and congregations of the other 5 around the main island churches.

The actual church building at Sigatoka

edwards-sunday-shcool-sigatoka-2016 edwards-sigatoka-church-2016