Expect Opposition

Approaching the time of the jewish feat of tabernacles Jesus let his brothers go on ahead believing that he would not be going. Then he went as well, but secretly. He said to his brothers about the world that:
‘it hates me because I testify that its works are evil’.

This is also why many today do not like to talk about faith and particularly Christian faith. It makes them uncomfortable with their own life choices and sin, or at the least it challenges those values they hold. People like to be comfortable in their chosen path. They do not like it when someone tells them their path is wrong. This in totally understandable for a proud person but it is also very destructive and even foolish. Imagine a person who is actively walking towards a deadly gang’s hideout. You tell them that this is not a good path to take but they treat you as a fanatical kind of person who is just scaremongering. Then without much further thought they simply continue in the same direction without fear. They have no fear because they do not believe the truth.

Do you get my point here? They are heading into certain danger but there is little you can do about it because they simply will not listen to you.

They did not like Jesus because he pointed out their sin and they will not like you when you point out their sin either. Just being a Christian can remind people of their sin, so don’t expect to be warmly welcomed as a Christian. In fact when you are it may well be a sign that God is softening their hearts. So, expect some opposition along the way.