Nowhere to Hide

There is nowhere you can hide from God. As Jonah learned you can not run from Him either. One of the places we try to hide is by living secretly inside with some disobedience to God. Even there however, there is no hiding. God sees our innermost thoughts. He knows our heart condition and sees even when we do the right thing for the wrong reasons. This is a level of accountability that we have nowhere else in life. Only God sees that deeply and that constantly into our inner world.

The truth is that we are often not comfortable with God seeing our every motivation and thought. However, if our hearts can not be trusted than we can not really be trusted. The problem here is that the Bible makes it clear that our hearts are deceitful beyond measure (Jer 17:9). What hope do we have then? Our hope is in the promised mercy of God. He loves us in spite of knowing our weaknesses. He longs to forgive us. He is our only hope. He is also our only avenue to change the condition of our hearts. As King David wrote in Psalm 39:7 ‘but now Lord, what do I hope for? I put my hope in you.’