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Every week, Pastor Ross posts a thought provoking message via his Pastor's Blog, designed to encourage, challenge and draw us all nearer to Jesus!

‘Only One Opinion Matters’

February 24, 2018

These words,’only one opinion matters’, are the words of Billy Graham. After years of evangelistic ministry that led to around 2 million people coming to Christ, Billy Graham died this week in America aged 99 years. When he said that ‘only one opinion matters’ he was talking about his own death and the evaluation of…

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Standing Face to Face with Jesus

February 16, 2018

One day we will stand in the very presence of Jesus Himself. Oh, He is always with us, but one day we will physically stand before Him with our life on earth left behind permanently and only our life with him remaining for all eternity. I was pondering the things that shall disappear when this…

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What Really Matters

February 11, 2018

The things that really matter in life must not be ignored. I know we can get really busy and allow what seems urgent to crowd out the really important things. I know this because like everyone else I can be like that myself sometimes. The problem, I have learnt however, can get much worse if…

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Mission Minded

February 3, 2018

After Jesus resurrection, the church exploded in all directions into evangelism. It was the natural result of good news. Of course, in this case empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, but good news tends to spread and cause rejoicing amongst those who care. So once people realised that God Himself had sent His Son to earth…

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The Bible and Morals

January 20, 2018

Most people today simply do not realize how deeply the morals of our nation were formed in years gone by, by the Bible’s clear moral teaching. The Bible is the most printed book ever, and no book of any description comes anywhere near to the number of copies printed. Many of our laws were also…

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Who Are You When No One is Looking?

January 12, 2018

the title of a book written By Bill Hybels the Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Church in America. The title however just about makes the entire statement for the book in the first place. The real me and you is often quite secret and hidden away from other peoples view. If we can change the…

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