Pieterse Family Update

We are blessed to announce that we own the mission Campus!  We really had our faith stretched like never before, however we are thankful for the favour God gave us.  He really proved His faithfulness in a big way.  We would also like to thank you for all your prayers and support during the last few years. We could not have done it without you, so we want you to know that you are much appreciated.

So how did we do it, you might ask?
We raised half the money and then got a $1.120 million loan. We thank God for the favour we had with the bank. We never wanted to have a mortgage, but we came to the realisation that God can provide in various ways and we continue to trust Him to pay it off asap. It is a flexible loan that allows us to pay it off at anytime with no penalty fees. So yes, the journey continues for us to walk in faith. One of the things I learned in YWAM is that we also are having to walk in faith. There’s never a time that we do not rely on God, and He always comes through.

The ministry continues to grow HERE IN SYDNEY and we have many new young and exciting staff that have joined us. On a weekly basis we run breakfast clubs in schools, teach scripture in schools, do evangelism and provide food for the poor and needy.

This year we have seen many people come to know Christ in our community, also had many local churches join us in evangelism. It’s been great to help mobilize the local churches to go out and make disciples. We’ve also had some great Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) take place. I never get tired of seeing the students get transformed and then seeing them go and make disciples.

The year 2016 and has been very challenging for us as a family. That is why I am so grateful for the grace of our Lord Jesus. He has really been carrying us through every storm and we can truly say that it has only been by grace. As you know, my dad recently passed away and I would like to thank you for your prayers. As the oldest son, it was very difficult to lead my family through this process, but it was prayer that carried me through. My dad’s death took a huge hit on us financially, emotionally and physically. However everything worked out good at the end and we were able to send him off with dignity.
We have a current Discipleship Training School (DTS) running on Campus and an outreach team that’s been in India and are now in Zimbabwe. Here’s a testimony from one of our 18 year old students.

“Everyday we are going to the slums and praying for and talking to people. One day we came to a flat and there was a woman sitting with her leg in a cast. She told us that she broke her leg just a week ago and that she was in pain and couldn’t do much anymore. She told us that in 3 weeks she was going back to the doctor and that she might need surgery if it doesn’t heal properly. She was a believer in Jesus but we asked her if she believed that God could heal her. She said yes, so we prayed for her. After a week had gone by we were once again in the same slum and saw her again. But she was no longer in a cast. She was walking around with TWO healthy legs. She told us that everything was good and that she didn’t need surgery! God had healed her! Praise the Lord!
As I mentioned before we currently have a DTS running on base and will have 2 more this year in July and September. After heaps of prayer and seeking God, I have also decided to do formal study for a year. I’m doing a Masters in Business and Leadership and believe that it will help me extend the ministry that God has called us to do. That means that I will have to take a step back from day to day ministry on the Campus to make time for studying. Tania will continue to give oversight to our training and daily ministry departments. I will still be teaching and giving spiritual oversight as normal. We also have some new leaders stepping up to help carry the load we carry. We are really looking forward to this new venture and would really appreciate your prayers.  

Some recent events for us:  
July: DTS and English as a second language school intake  
August: USA tour and leadership conference (Whole family)  
September: DTS intake and travelling to Fiji (Etienne and Elisha)  
October: Teaching and Ministering in India (Etienne)

We are very honoured to serve YWAM Sydney and find it a joy to be leading this mission. So thank you for all you prayer, support and partnership that enable us to reach nations and see communities transformed. We pray God’s richest blessing over you and your families.  

May God bless you,  
Pieterse family

WE ARE SERVING HIM WHO IS – – – – – – – – –