The Testimony of Jesus

May 10, 2016

Speaker: Phil Briggs – Jesus has the most amazing testimony of all the people who ever walked the earth….but it is much more than a testimony, it is life-giving intercession for you and me!

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What are You enthusiastic about?

May 8, 2016

Speaker: Stephen Gilmour – What are you enthusiastic about? What floats your boat? Gilly dives into an honest look at why it is so important to remain enthusiastic about Jesus!

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It’s not enough to know “about” Him!

May 1, 2016

Speaker: Ross Brinkman – It’s not enough to know about Jesus…..we must know Him!!

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The House of Mercy

Apr 10, 2016

Speaker: Phil Briggs – What does it really mean to enter “The House of Mercy”?

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