Sin Free Please

This week I had to waterproof a floor so it can be tiled. This got me thinking to myself that it is such a pity we cannot sin proof our lives. It would be wonderful if we could though. We can get quite disappointed by the presence of sin in our lives and in particular, the times we have to battle the same sin over and over.  Well, the Bible does give great paths for us to follow in our desire to become sin free. Firstly, we need to become Christ-centred rather than self-centred. This will also mean that we become a people of prayer as we pursue God Himself. Then we need to stop feeding sinful behaviour by exposing ourselves to temptations. Meditating on God’s word will also increase us in Him and reduce the hold sin has on us.

Then there is the forming of honest and genuinely accountable friendships which mean we can give positive social encouragement to walk in a Godly manner. Then on top of this we are encouraged to go on being filled with God’s Holy Spirit who will lead us and teach us about Jesus.

The truth is that many Christians already know these things, but you must really want to seek this path. Sadly, many people are simply happy being reasonably good rather than being everything God intended for them.