Sitting at His Feet

In Luke 1:38-42 we read a fascinating account of Jesus visiting the home of Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus. Mary simply sat at the feet of Jesus while Martha got upset that she was doing all the preparation work in the background. This seems to be a totally legitimate complaint in terms of being a good host. However, when she came to Jesus to complain about her sister Jesus gently scolded her for worrying about so many things. The important thing was really to connect with Jesus himself which was what Mary had been doing.

I too can get distracted by life’s worries and the things I seem to think are important and even what others would think I should be doing. However I, like you, simply need to regularly sit at the feet of Jesus and follow Him.
He is the source of life, what in all the world that we do could really compete with Him.

Whatever else you need to do in this life, don’t forget to meet with Jesus and don’t ever prioritize Him out of your daily routine.