Sound Doctrine

According to Titus 1:9 one of the tasks of an Elder in the church is to ‘encourage others by sound doctrine’.
So important is this sound doctrine that the next task is to rebuke the people who teach differently to sound, Godly doctrine. The doctrine is what God wants us to believe. How is it that sound doctrine can be so encouraging? Also, if sound doctrine is encouraging then it would follow that unsound or incorrect doctrine can be discouraging.

Well, sound doctrine comes from God. God has a purpose for our lives. I am not talking about any specific tasks or roles He might call you to do. I am talking about the calling of each person to set aside their own desires and values in order to become the type of person God would have them be. The person who would please God will have to do it God’s way. Sound doctrine teaches us how to please God. This will always come via submission to His Son Jesus Christ.

Sound Doctrine encourages us along the right path to please God and towards eternal life. We become encouraged for several reasons. We are encouraged by sound doctrine because it gives us the hope of eternity with God. It also encourages us because it helps us do what we were created to do. Be who we were meant to be.
Of course we would be discouraged by unsound doctrine which does the exact opposite. It heads us away from hope that is found in Christ alone. We then become futile in purpose. Hope is only found in God.