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Thomas the Believer

Speaker: Phil Briggs In this message we look at the disciples confronted with a visit to Judea shortly before Jesus’ crucifixion when the whole religio-political establishment was intent upon Jesus’ destruction. Thomas demonstrates the beginnings of a faith that is in advance of simply trusting that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living…

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Embrace the Cross – Being vs Doing

Speaker: Ken Kelly Expounding from Isaiah 42.1-4 Ken Kelly shows those qualities of the character of Christ that we are exhorted to demonstrate in our lives, that it might be who we are before God and man, rather than what we do in the first instance, that is our bearing of the testimony of Jesus.…

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The Things of the Spirit Part 1

Speaker: Phil Briggs The revelation of the things of the Spirit of the Lord, this being our only avenue to the knowledge of the Lord and His Way, comes to us invariably in the way of the cross, in the course of practical, daily life. Download this audio

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