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Staying in God

Speaker: Ross Brinkman Ross encourages us in the midst of an increasingly secular world to a life of faith, hope and love, depending upon the faithfulness of our God to keep us true to Him. Download this audio

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The Things of the Spirit Part 5

Speaker: Phil Briggs Against the background of Paul’s defence of his ministry in the face of the work of those false apostles which followed him continually, we look at the portrait of a man mature in the things of the Spirit of God, both in his personal life, as well as in his ministry. In…

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Getting Eternal Life Into Your Head

When Mary arrived at the tomb and found Jesus gone, she did not immediately think about the possibility of him being resurrected. In fact none of them did when they arrived at the empty tomb, until Jesus appeared to them. Even when Jesus first appeared to Mary she first assumed him to be the gardener.…

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