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The Year of the Lord’s Favour

Speaker: Etienne Pieterse – Etienne Pieterse from Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Sydney Island Breeze, shares his remarkable personal testimony of hope, from an African gang member to a renowned Christian leader and evangelist! Download this audio

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Help My Unbelief

In Mark 9 we read about a man whose son is struggling with demon possession and has been harmed by it many times. The Man is struggling to believe that Jesus can heal. It is not just about the trust he has in Jesus. It is also abut how terribly powerful his negative experience has…

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Faith is the Belief in Things Unseen

Many people look upon faith as being ridiculous, however the truth is that we all live by faith all the time. Every time I sit on a chair I sit confidently by faith believing wholeheartedly that the chair will hold my weight. I may have developed that faith by experimentation and observation but the faith…

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