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The Compassion of God

Speaker: Ross Brinkman Ross explores the tremendous compassion of our Holy and Righteous God, especially as expressed through Jesus, and as also given freely to us in the Holy Spirit. Download this audio

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Embrace the Cross – Being vs Doing

Speaker: Ken Kelly Expounding from Isaiah 42.1-4 Ken Kelly shows those qualities of the character of Christ that we are exhorted to demonstrate in our lives, that it might be who we are before God and man, rather than what we do in the first instance, that is our bearing of the testimony of Jesus.…

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God Manifest in Spiritual Gifts

Speaker: Ross Brinkman Ross identifies how the Holy Spirit is evident in the believer’s life by the expression of the centrality of Jesus, humility and love, and how God Himself is manifest in the exercise of spiritual gifts in the gathering of believers. Download this audio

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