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The Wages of our Works

Speaker: Stephen Gilmour – Ever feel like God just owes you a break? Ever thought “C’mon God, I’ve done everything you wanted, I deserve more than what I am getting here!” Join Steve Gilmour as he takes us through a powerful journey into what the Wages of our Works truly are, and how Jesus has…

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Building bigger barns

Speaker: Pastor Ross Brinkman – Where is your Treasure? Is it in your superannuation? Is your treasure your hobby? Is your treasure in your car, house and possessions – and do you have so much you need to build a bigger barn? This sermon looks at the following parable and the importance of having God…

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Pride in the pursuit of Holiness

Speaker: Pastor Ross Brinkman – Sometimes in our pursuit of Holiness, we let our own Pride get in the way of demonstrating our love towards one another. The standard of Jesus is Holiness. This is not our standard – it is Jesus, but his Holiness stems from His absolute Love and Compassion for us, and…

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