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Being not Doing

What you achieve in life is not what saves you. If it were then your salvation would be something you earn by dedication and effort. The Apostle Paul wrote about us being saved by faith alone, and not by works. later James wrote a little more having seen that some made the mistake of thinking…

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Speaker: Stephen Gilmour – Sin. It likes to remain hidden in us for a long time. It destroys lives. It can be relentless. But Jesus has conquered sin once and for all! Stephen looks at the story of Joseph (Genesis 37:1 – 50:21) who despite being sold off into slavery by his own brothers, remained…

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Sin Free Please

This week I had to waterproof a floor so it can be tiled. This got me thinking to myself that it is such a pity we cannot sin proof our lives. It would be wonderful if we could though. We can get quite disappointed by the presence of sin in our lives and in particular,…

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