Our Confession of Faith


Jesus of Nazareth was the incarnation of the eternal Son of God. While on earth He was also wholly man, and now continues to be, in heaven, wholly man and wholly God. Through His incarnation, His life of flawless obedience to His Father in heaven, death on the cross, burial, resurrection, ascension, and exaltation to glory, all according to the will of God, He gave His life a ransom for many. He now shares the glory with His Father that He shared before the world was, and will return to earth to judge the world in righteousness and receive to Himself His Bride, the Church.

The Church

All who become indwelt by God by the Holy Spirit baptism through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, belong to the Church. This includes all from the beginning of creation who had believing response to the Holy Spirit's illumination of truth, while yet not living during the present era before which the Holy Spirit baptism was not available as it is since Christ's exaltation to the right hand of God. The Church is the fulness of Christ, and throughout the eternal ages to come will be the vessel through which the glory of God will be ceaselessly expressed.


Man is fatally flawed in consequence of the Fall in Eden. In rebellion against God he is hopelessly and helplessly lost. By the pure grace of God, through faith in Christ alone, he is given the opportunity to be delivered from this terminal condition by the power of God. Thus delivered man is united with God in Christ in the Spirit and very Life of God. Christ in man becomes His life, His salvation and His redemption from sin and death. In this redemption, man is made fit to enjoy eternal fellowship with God and his fellow believers throughout the eternal ages to come.

The Bible

The Bible, although penned by many men, over the period of many centuries, is the Holy Spirit-inspired Word of God. As such it is God's Self- revelation, and can be thought of as “Jesus in print.” All true interpretation of the scriptures only comes by revelation of the Holy Spirit, and is, in fact, revelation, in measure, of the eternal Son of God Himself.


There is one baptism, which is the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and which is bestowed by Jesus Himself upon all who through repentance and faith in Him yield themselves to His Lordship. Baptism in water is the believer's testimony, in deed, to others of having been thus baptised by Christ in the Holy Spirit.