• The Ground Cursed; a Man Cursed

    14 April, 2024

    As part of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, the Lord's dealings with the incorrigibly wicked is addressed in the case of Cain. We are encouraged in the times in which we live to establish our hearts, knowing that the Presence of the Lord is here…

  • Spiritual Seed and Natural Seed

    31 March, 2024

    As the world is focused on the middle east George focuses us on the need to pray for the Jews, and emphasises the only way of salvation, whether Jew or Gentile, is through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

  • Love's Freedom - Fear's Mastery

    24 March, 2024

    With the Jews' final rejection of Jesus of Nazareth, their King and Messiah, we observe Jesus' freedom in the love of His Father, manifest in the peace and purity of His heart and mind as He is physically, verbally and spiritually maligned, abused…

  • The Mystery of God Part 10

    24 March, 2024

    The confession of nakedness, the confession of fear, and the candid confession of sin, in the context of the non-condemnatory approach of God following the Fall, mark the further unfolding of the hidden things of the God's rule on earth.

  • The Mystery of God Part 9

    17 March, 2024

    The isolation, shame, and guilt of nakedness as a result of disobedience to the Spirit of truth results in God's coming to us in mercy and grace, without condemnation, seeking simply a free confession of our hearts that He might have mercy and…

  • The Mystery of God Part 8

    10 March, 2024

    God placed man in the garden of Eden, allowed the devil access, and then concealed Himself from the consciousness of the man and the woman as they were exposed to the devil's evil devices. In their infantile knowledge of God they were easy prey for…

  • Our Heavenly Father

    25 February, 2024

    We are given a scriptural overview of the character, office(s) and function of our Heavenly Father. Terry summarises this in connection with our Father's delegated authority to His Son in His redemptive purpose, and by way of our Father's full self…

  • The Mystery of God Part 7

    18 February, 2024

    The Cross of Jesus Christ is popularly understood, in a purely natural sense, as an extraordinary forensic device which God uses to supposedly satisfy His justice by "balancing the scales" of His righteousness in the consideration of man's sin. We…

  • Psalm 33

    11 February, 2024

    In the days in which we live we can be assured, by meditating on the thoughts of the psalmist, of the faithfulness, the creativeness and the power of our God, knowing that He has the world and all that is unfolding in the train of His eternal purpose…

  • The Mystery of God Part 6

    28 January, 2024

    The mysteries of the Kingdom of God, hidden for ages and for generations, with the coming of the King are made known through the apostles and prophets to those in Christ. We discover something of those mysteries in the beginning of creation, and…

  • The Mystery of God Part 5

    21 January, 2024

    Jesus spoke in parables to conceal the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven from unbelieving Israel on the eve of their final rejection of their long promised Messiah as a nation. At the same time He was on the cusp of the revelation of these mysteries…

  • The Mystery of God Part 4

    14 January, 2024

    Following His resurrection Jesus spent forty days speaking to the apostles the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God. We consider Luke's mention of the Kingdom of God throughout his account of the period covered by the book of Acts, and observe the…

  • Christmas Lives On

    31 December, 2023

    In the wake of Christmas '23, and in the prospect of the new year '24, Ken covers the Plan and Purpose of God in sending His Son our Saviour, with the encouraging reminder of His Presence with us (Immanuel) every day.

  • Three Days from Everlasting

    25 December, 2023

    The prophet Hosea locates Messiah's beginnings from everlasting, and then the prophet Micah picks Him up in Bethlehem, and via the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Romans, and ultimately the kingdom of Antichrist in the day of Jacob's trouble and…

  • A Sign Spoken Against

    24 December, 2023

    Simeon identifies the baby Jesus to Joseph and Mary as a "sign which shall be spoken against." We consider what this means for us in Him, in the light of Isaiah's prophecy concerning the child that shall be called Immanuel.

  • The Circumcision of Mary

    17 December, 2023

    The covenant of circumcision given to Abraham finds its fulfilment in Christ through the new birth. We consider Mary, the mother of Jesus, coming to the point of her circumcision, and the parallel of that in our own experience, as well as some…

  • The Mystery of God Part 3 Iniquity

    10 December, 2023

    The Lord speaks to Job about behemoth and leviathan where we see some typical application to the strength of the natural (soulical/psychic) man, and something of the nature of satanic darkness. In the light of the revelation of God, Job is finally…

  • Healthy, Positive, Christian Life

    26 November, 2023

    Looking at Paul's instructions in Romans 14 we are taught to respect, welcome and embrace others with views divergent to our own, to live so as to honour Jesus, and to continually learn to love as Jesus loved.

  • Death

    19 November, 2023

    Canvassing a broad range of scriptural truth, Terry demonstrates that death for those in Jesus Christ is not to be feared. In the course of this treatment of the matter, Terry also demonstrates that death does not mean annihilation, neither for those…

  • Salvation

    12 November, 2023

    George gives us a simple and straightforward word on salvation in Christ. Bought with a price through His death and resurrection, we are exhorted to repent and receive the Gift, and give evidence of that through the works of faith, initially…

  • The Mystery of God Part 2

    05 November, 2023

    God speaks to us in all the phenomena of the natural creation, even of His eternal power and Godhead. Inanimate creation is animate with the mind and wilful purpose of God. We see this in the first half of God's revelation of Himself to Job. We also…

  • The Mystery of God Part 1

    22 October, 2023

    In pursuit of the "unsearchable riches of Christ" we consider what the Lord has to reveal to us through His response to Job towards the conclusion of Job's ordeal.

  • We Will Come to Him

    15 October, 2023

    Created in the image of God, we are destined, if we will, to eternal fellowship with Him in His Son, in His Life, in His Spirit. We see this inward spiritual yearning in Job, though he has minimal understanding of what is going on in him, and the…

  • Security in the Storm

    08 October, 2023

    As one in deep trouble, misunderstood by his friends, Job prefigured Jesus in deep trouble and misunderstood by his friends. However, while Job, in his day, lacked the understanding and revelation that was necessary to overcome the adversity, Jesus…

  • The Pneumatic vs The Psychic

    01 October, 2023

    Paul the apostle identifies the natural (soulical, psychic) man as distinct from the spiritual (pneumatic) man in the process of addressing a church spiritually wayward, and psychologically disordered (Corinth). In so doing he gives us instruction…

  • Two Things Every Healthy Church & Christian Needs

    17 September, 2023

    Paul's expectation and prayer concerning his anticipated visit to the believers in Rome, en route to Spain, unfolds in a completely unexpected and unforeseen way. In consideration of this Ken encourages us in the essential value and exercise of…

  • God's Satisfaction - Our Salvation

    10 September, 2023

    Through the obedience of Jesus unto the point of death on the cross, the devil was judged, as was fallen man, God was satisfied, Redemption was wrought in a final Act of God in Christ, and salvation was assured in a perfect Saviour for whosoever…

  • Know Your Enemy Part 2

    27 August, 2023

    Having seen Satan's beginning as Lucifer the archangel, his ascendancy over creation though deceived fallen man, and his prophesied encounter with the seed of the woman in part 1 of this teaching, we now consider his conquest by the Lord Jesus. This…

  • Know Your Enemy Part 1

    20 August, 2023

    We consider Satan's beginnings as Lucifer the archangel; we move to his fall through pride and his deceitful capture of the allegiance of man. Through the exercise of his presumed sovereignty over the kingdoms of men we see his encounter with, and…

  • My Redeemer Lives

    13 August, 2023

    We look at the central significance of Redemption in the eternal purpose of God, as hidden behind Job's affirmation that his redeemer lives.