• The Cross and the Tree of Life in Paul

    28 November, 2021

    Following a loose theme of the Cross in connection with our spiritual life as addressed by the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, we consider Saul, the persecutor of the church, encountering Jesus and "feeding" from the Tree…

  • The Cross and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

    21 November, 2021

    We begin to look at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and how the Lord's ultimate intention is that we should feed from that tree according to the order of God. We see how Jesus of Nazareth knew good and evil as God does and He knew it not…

  • The Cross and the Tree of Life

    14 November, 2021

    We look at Jacob at the brook Jabbok wrestling with the angel and see the angel triumph in bringing Jacob at last to the place where he, Jacob, in abject helplessness triumphs over the angel and wins the blessing: the name Israel. We then see how…

  • The World, The Cross, and the Father's Love

    07 November, 2021

    The apostle Paul locates the Cross of Christ, that is, the eternal spiritual principle of complete dependence upon God, as the thoroughgoing separation between himself in Christ and the world, where by the world he means that spirit of the world that…

  • The Way of the Cross

    31 October, 2021

    Jesus, by referring Nicodemus to the "Son of Man" and the incident concerning the bronze serpent on the pole in the wilderness, opens the way for him to come to grips with heavenly things - in effect, the way of the cross.

  • The Authority of the Cross

    24 October, 2021

    We look at a Centurion who recognised the secret of Jesus' authority, even to the point of having mastery of death's assault, in the truth that He was Himself under authority. This, of course, goes to the heart of the eternal principle of the Cross.

  • Alert to the Times

    10 October, 2021

    As the world grapples with the politicisation of a flu virus across the nations, we in the church of Jesus Christ need to have an understanding of the times in which we live, and to be alert to His voice as the prophetic fulfilment of the eternal…

  • Organic Reality in Christ

    03 October, 2021

    We live in a time when the unseen powers of evil that are opposed to Jesus Christ are increasingly moving to impose a strict form upon His church. We are encouraged to see that the church is a living organism whose form is governed not by rules…

  • The Evolving Revelation of God the Son

    26 September, 2021

    Terry traces the evolving revelation of Jesus of Nazareth as God the Son from before the foundation of the world through to the present church age. We view this unfolding panorama through the eyes of prophets, shepherds, Magi, disciples, his family…

  • The Lord Thundered

    19 September, 2021

    In the days of Samuel, neither the Philistines, nor even Eli the high priest, really knew the God of Israel. Confused by the noise of a victory shout (the Philistines) and by the noise of calamity (Eli), when the Lord uttered His voice (thunder…

  • The Trial of Our Faith

    05 September, 2021

    As the western world slides away from its Judeo-Christian heritage, the rule of law, and the values according to which alone western democracy has been established and survived, the church of Jesus Christ in the west faces pressures and tests that it…

  • With God on Our Side Part 2

    22 August, 2021

    Israel, in seeking to fight the Philistines, is in a deplorable spiritual condition. Thinking to enlist God in their enterprise, by bringing the ark of the covenant into the camp, they fail miserably. God will not be "used" by us for our agenda. As…

  • With God on Our Side Part 1

    08 August, 2021

    We begin to look at Israel ignorantly charged with a sense of self-sufficiency. When they fail in battle against the Philistines, and confused as to why, they fail to seek the mind of the Lord by the word of the prophet Samuel, whom they have long…

  • From Priest to Prophet

    20 June, 2021

    At the close of the time of the Judges the priesthood fails with Eli and his sons Hophni and Phinehas. The Lord then moves to bring in Samuel as the beginning (not forgetting Abraham, Moses, and Joshua) of a long line of prophets which finally…

  • A Colossal Visitation

    13 June, 2021

    We look at the tremendous significance of God's visitation of Israel on Mt. Sinai, especially concerning what was included in type in the Law and the Tent of Meeting/Testimony as it presents Christ and the Church in detail. At the heart of this is…

  • An Idolater Chosen

    06 June, 2021

    As the Lord proceeds to bring His Son in in the process of bringing to pass His eternal purpose in the world of fallen man, He every so often checks man's ceaseless tendency to self-destruction. In this message we look at the divine choice of Abram…

  • Destruction and Life

    23 May, 2021

    As we briefly trace the moral disintegration of the race from the Fall through to the call of Abram, we observe how the Lord carefully hinders our settled and persistent tendency to racial self-destruction. Within the context of His theocratic rule…

  • Prayer and the Name of the Lord

    16 May, 2021

    From the earliest days, with the man Abel, men began to call upon the name of the Lord. We consider not so much the theological or doctrinal meaning of the name of the Lord, but the personal, immediate meaning of His name as His real Presence, in the…

  • Creation Subject to Fruitlessness

    09 May, 2021

    Pursuing the theme of the church in prayer and Abel typical of the man whose heart is perfect toward the Lord, we look at Cain's brief genealogy as typical of the ever declining moral tendency of fallen man. Behind this is the divine subjection of…

  • Abel Still Speaks

    02 May, 2021

    We take a look at Abel as having a heart perfect toward the Lord (as per II Chron. 16.9). The meaning of this is that he listens to the Lord, and yields obediently to His voice, being strengthened and in consequence finding safety, and quietness from…

  • His Eyes, His Voice, His Strength

    25 April, 2021

    The Lord ever looks upon the hearts of all of humanity seeking those who will give heed to His voice, that they may know Him as their strength, and find real contentment in Him irrespective of the vagaries of life in this fallen world.

  • The Peace of God

    11 April, 2021

    In a world that is increasingly fraught with violence, confusion, deception and deep anxiety, we find that there is a peace which passes all understanding which is ours in Christ, if we will simply trust in the word of the Lord.

  • The Things That Are Christ's

    04 April, 2021

    We look at resurrection life in as much as Christ becomes our life, His things our complete preoccupation, His power the working of this reality in us, and our becoming constituted holy ones in union of life with Him, and all of each of us being our…

  • The Knowledge of God Part 4

    21 March, 2021

    Paul speaks of our being known by God, and by way of looking into the meaning of this we see how the Lord Jesus brings us increasingly into the knowledge of Himself by knowing us through His living in us.

  • The Knowledge of God Part 3

    14 March, 2021

    In the face of attempted sectarian division of the church, a condition which is widespread in christendom to this day, Paul seeks to direct the believers in the churches of Galatia, after having come to Christ, to go on and grow to maturity in the…

  • The Knowledge of God Part 2

    07 March, 2021

    In this message we look at the essential place of the Holy Spirit in the revelation of Jesus, and our knowledge of Him. We also consider certain indications that we are responsive to the Spirit of the Lord, without which responsiveness there is…

  • The Knowledge of God Part 1

    28 February, 2021

    The knowledge of God lies at the root of anything and everything worth knowing in both this world and the next. When asked by two of John the Baptist's disciples where He lived, Jesus said, "Come and see." This a standing invitation to whosoever…

  • The Atonement Part 12

    21 February, 2021

    With this message we conclude the series on the Atonement, looking in particular at how our iniquity is laid upon Christ, and more particularly at the meaning of the Ransom of His life and its outcome in the new creation in Christ.

  • The Atonement Part 11

    14 February, 2021

    In this message we take the briefest overview of 7 theories of the Atonement of Christ before observing that the substance of the Atonement is our deliverance from death into the relationship of life with God in living union with Him.

  • The Compassionate Church

    07 February, 2021

    Taking that most sublime letter to the church at Ephesus, in which Paul gives us a panoramic view of the church of Jesus Christ of cosmic dimensions, Daniel shares the vital ministry the local assembly fulfils without which the work of Compassion…